Hello everyone! I’m Kendra Preston.

Writing about myself is probably the hardest part of this whole project, because I am many different things to many different people. First and foremost, I am a Christian wife (to Shane) and mother (to Savannah and Maddox). There is no greater blessing than being part of God’s family and getting to share my life with the three amazing people listed (and pictured with me) above.

Other than that, I am an avid storyteller who loves to make people smile and laugh. I also love all things summer, just like Olaf from the movie “Frozen.” If it weren’t for the fact that Midwesterners are the nicest people in the entire world, my family and I would be living somewhere tropical (and I would be typing this while lazing in a hammock). One can always dream, right?

Anyway, thank you for visiting my website and for checking out my series of “Savvy and Maddy” books. I truly appreciate it. I hope you (and the child(ren) you love) enjoy reading my books just as much as I enjoyed writing them. Cheers to creating beautiful memories, one story at a time!